Visiting areas

The scenographic tour of the Abbey of Saint-Savin is based on the Romanesque paintings in the abbey church and takes place in the three floors of the monastic buildings. This innovative cultural equipment, combining cinema and multimedia, appears as essential in a guided tour of the abbey.

Refectory and gardens

The refectory, formerly receiving the monks for their daily silent meals, is now the stage for the “Battle of the Kings” which took place on the vault of the abbey church. Enlightened by huge bay windows, this room also welcomes many temporary exhibitions.

In opposition to the prosperous and vain manorial gardens, the current garden of the abbey is a perfect example of the simple and modest Maurist gardens: great grass squares separated by paths lined with palmette fruit trees (pear trees) and other species (box trees, bay trees…).

The multimedia tour

On the first floor, the former cells of the monks were refurbished to become spaces for the interpretation of Saint-Savin’s murals, from the historical, religious and artistic angles in several ways: models, touch screens with guided tour, videos, soundtracks

The projection room

Every half an hour, the auditorium located at the last floor is transformed into a projection room and offers the visitors to watch “A fresco”, a fiction film relating how the paintings of the Abbey of Saint-Savin were created (25 minutes).