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“Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations.”

(Excerpt from the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO in 1972.)


The abbey church of Saint-Savin, on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO, is renowned for its exceptional universal value. The education department – in partnership with the Board of Education of the regional education authority of Poitiers – offers and develops educational activities related to the school curriculum: the aim is to incite younger audiences to seize their heritage.


  • Advising and helping teachers who want to organize a personalized tour or develop an educational project;
  • Creating several tours/workshops offers with an educational purpose, suitable for young audiences and in accordance with the teachers’ programs;

  • Developing and giving access to educational resources;

  • Developing cultural activities related to the schools’ projects and meeting the teachers’ needs;

  • Welcoming young audiences outside school (activities centers, holiday centers, youth and culture associations…).


  • Guillaume GARNIER: Professor of History and Geography at the Jean Moulin high school in Montmorillon (86) and doctor in Contemporary and Modern History from the Universities of Poitiers and Geneva;

  • Aurore MOLLÉ: Head of Educational and Heritage activities;

  • Marie-Anne LACAILLE: Heritage Mediator.


Suitable spaces: parking area for buses, dining room, projection room, educational workshop, former monks’ refectory…


Personalized tools: scenographic tours with multimedia devices, models, timeline, educational documents and DVD…


Specific offers: tours with heritage mediators, artistic initiation workshops, off-site conferences…



The offer "Learning to see"

Duration: 2 hours max

Audience: primary school, secondary school, high school.

► Price: 4€/student, free for adults and driver.


This visit is a first approach of the Abbey of Saint-Savin and enables to deal with the main topics related to the site: Romanesque architecture, monastic architecture, painted murals.


The offer "Exploration"

Duration: half-day (3h)

Audience: primary school, secondary school, high school.

► Price: 5€/student, free for adults and driver.



- Journey to the heart of the Abbey

- A day in Abbot Odon’s life

- Architecture and construction of a Romanesque church

- The Bible illustrated

- Journey to the heart of the Old Testament

- The language of images

- Sculpted and painted decorations in the Middle-Ages

This is a thematic way of discovering Saint-Savin, which enables to follow school programs. The visit focuses on a perceptible approach of the site. Thanks to several tools (models, construction game…) chosen according to the topic, the students can grasp the history of Saint-Savin and comprehend its general context.


To prepare your visit: thematic documents for teachers and students can be sent by mail or email.


Offer "Watch & do"

Duration: one day (6h for example: 9:30 – 12:30 / 2:00 – 5:00)

Audience: primary school, secondary school, high school.

► Price: 8€/student, free for adults and driver.

This offer is composed of the "Exploration" + one workshop:

- Introduction to the art of frescoes

- Introduction to calligraphy

- Introduction to sculpture

It allows to combine a thematic visit of the site with creative activities.


The offer "Going further" (conferences)

Duration: about 2h (to be decided with the teacher)

Audience: high school; other courses (BTS Tourisme…)

► Price: 35€/hour

Equipment provided: projector, screen.


The conference can be combined with a visit of the abbey church.

It can be held within the school (schools of the region only) or in the abbey’s auditorium.



- The art of murals in France in the Middle-Ages

- The wealth of topics in the medieval mural art

- The medieval image: reference of a period for a didactic language


Each offer gives access to the scenographic tour located in the former monks’ cells, and to the movie “A fresco”: both enable an educational approach suitable for any requests.


For the schools of Vienne, two offers are available for the introduction to the art of frescoes and sculpture: the first one can take place in the abbey’s educational workshops and the second one, within the schools. For the latest, travel expenses will be charged.


A professor is at the teachers’ service to help prepare visits and conceive eductional projects.


Head of department


Head of Educational activities


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Referent teacher

Guillaume GARNIER

Professor of History and Geography at the Jean Moulin high school in Montmorillon (86) and doctor in Contemporary and Modern History from the Universities of Poitiers and Geneva.