The bookshop

Continue your pleasant visit in the chapter house of the 17th-century conventual building, where more than 600 books are available.


In the bookshop...

You will find a selection of books about the Middle-Ages and especially about the Romanesque period: these books are intended for all publics of all ages.

  • Architecture
  • History
  • Art History
  • Religions, Spirituality
  • Medieval cooking
  • Plants and medieval gardens


Youth section

Our books are as playful as educational and composed of adventure novels, educational books about the Middle-Ages, from 3 to 15 years old.

You will also find comic books, among which “Les aventures de Loupio”, or the book series “Le trône d’argile”, which tells the story of the end of the Hundred Years' War. The volume 4, published in 2010, received the Prize Historia for the best historical comic book.

We also propose wooden toys, card games, Papo figurines…



The great sagas written by Andrea H. Japp, Laetitia Bourgeois or Jean d’Aillon.



  • La chambre des dames, Le grand feu by Jeanne Bourin
  • Les piliers de la terre, Un monde sans fin by Ken Follet
  • Pardonnez nos offenses, Délivrez-nous du mal by Romain Sardou
  • Le nom de la rose by Umberto Eco
  • Les Rois maudits by Maurice Druon


Historical English detective novel:

Les enquêtes de Frère Cadfael by Ellis Petters or Paul Doherty


Our favorites:

Sophie Chauveau: Lippi, Boticelli or Da Vinci

And many more...


The Abbey of Saint-Savin sur Gartempe

  • L'abbaye de Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe, Emmanuelle Jeannin, éd. EPCC Abbaye de Saint-Savin sur Gartempe et vallée des fresques, Saint-Savin, 2010.
  • Saint-Savin. L'abbaye et ses peintures murales, Robert Favreau (dir.), éd. CPPPC, Poitiers, 1999.
  • La vallée des Fresques, Robert Favreau (dir), collection Trésors Poitevins, éd. Ass. Gilbert de la Porée, Poitiers, 2011.
  • DVD A Saint-Savin, l’art roman prend vie. Regards sur une restauration, éd. Scéren CRDP Poitou-Charentes, Poitiers, 2010.
  • Abbayes et prieurés du Poitou, Robert Favreau (dir.), coll. Trésors Poitevins, éd. Ass. Gilbert de la Porée, Poitiers, 2013.


Books in English or German are also available:

  • The frescoes of Saint-Savin, Robert Favreau (dir.), coll. Trésors Poitevins, éd. Ass. Gilbert de la Porée, Poitiers, 2012.
  • Die abtei of Saint-Savin, Yves-Jean Riou, coll. Images du Patrimoine, éd. CPPPC, Poitiers, 1992. 


In the store...

Since 2015: medal of the Monnaie de Paris and the reproduction of Noah’s Ark are available!

You will find:

Floral of medieval jewels, decoration tapestry reproductions, medieval music for all, calligraphy gift sets, wooden chess games, card games, personalized magnets, collector’s dice, pens…

The bookshop

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